Time Cards, Clock cards, Job cards or Punch cards, what ever you call them we stock them. We sell over 25 different types of clock cards and if we haven't got them in stock, we can get them. We also sell card and badge racks to suit all card types and ribbons for all popular clock brands.

Time and Attendance Systems can Save your Company Time and Money!
Not Convinced?

This table shows how much money is lost when each employee is just 5 minutes late every day.

Based on 40hour week over 5 days.

Hourly Rate 10 Employees 25 Employees 50 Employees 100 Employees
€10.00 €2,166.00 €5,416.00 €10,832.00 €21,664.00
€15.00 €3,250.00 €8,126.00 €16,252.00 €32,504.00
€20.00 €5,416.00 €10,832.00 €21,664.00 €43,328.00

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E-mail: sales@clocks.ie

Featured Product

TM900 clock
The TM900 time recorder is a fully automatic clock with colour change and bell ringing functionality, ideal for small and medium operations to help cut costs and satisfy NERA requirements.